Ellis Parker Butler

Ellis Parker Butler "PIGS IS PIGS" By Ellis Parker Butler Mike Flannery, the Westcote agent of the Interurban Express Company, leaned over the counter of the express office and shook his fist. Mr. Morehouse, angry and red, stood on the other side of the counter, trembling with rage. The argument had been long and heated, and at last Mr. Morehouse had talked himself speechless. The cause of the trouble stood on the counter between the two men. It was a so.....

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Wilkie Collins

Wilkie Collins A FAIR PENITENT By Wilkie Collins About "A Fair Penitent" This story first appeared in Charles Dickens' magazine, "Household Words," volume 16, number 382, July 18, 1857. Published anonymously, as all contributions to the magazine were, it was attributed definitely to Wilkie Collins by Anne Lohrli in her analysis of the magazine's financial accounts. A FAIR PENITENT Charles Pineau Duclos was a French write.....

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